From breaking laws in science to being on an adventure in a video game, we will have seven new and exciting Team Challenges designed to help students tap into their creativity, learn how to work in teams, problem solve and have fun!

Here is a sneak peek at what Destination Imagination has in store!

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Instant Challenge

Instant Challenges require teams to engage in quick, creative, and critical thinking. The team members must think on their feet by applying appropriate skills to produce a solution in a period of just five to eight minutes. Instant Challenges are performance-based, task-based, or a combination of the two.

Although each Instant Challenge has different requirements, all Instant Challenges reward teams for their teamwork.

Technical Challenge

The technical challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering research, strategic planning and related skills.

This year, your team will go on an adventure on a video game, using technical methods to design a team-created tool to win an ultimate prize!

Scientific Challenge

Our Scientific Challenge blends the curiouslty of scientific research with the creative expression of performance art.

What if you could break a scientific law? This year, your team will create a documentary showing what the world would witness when a scientific law is broken.

Fine Arts Challenge

Our Fine Arts Challenge helps students develop acting and creative skills through artistic media, theatre arts, scriptwriting, and prop design.

Production techniques can make anything possible! This year, your team will mash together music and literature to create a music video.

Service Learning Challenge

Our Service Learning Challenge is designed to engage students in public service that addresses real-life community issues.

This year, your team will create a podcast that tells a story to highlight the amazing project you designed to meet a community need.

Early Learning / Rising Stars Challenge

Our Rising Stars for Early Learners Challenge offers simple experiences with the creative process, and it gives young kids (preschool through to Year 2) a place to work together and make new friends.

This year, your team will create a picture book about critters going on an adventure and share it in a team-created video!

Engineering Challenge

Our Engineering Challenge asks students to design, build and test load-bearing structures created from specific materials.

Stay tuned for the Engineering Challenge sneak peek.

Improvisational Challenge

Our Improvisational Challenge is all about research, spontaneity, and storytelling. Teams receive topics and produce skits right on the spot.

Stay tuned for the Improv Challenge sneak-peek!